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July 05 2013

Samsung WB800F Camera

Samsung WB800F Camera Review The Samsung WB800F is a high-end camera that is made to shoot and share instantly. It allows you to zoom in with a 23mm ...

Samsung UN55F8000 LED HDTV Review

The UN55F8000 is part of a new series being rolled out by Samsung, offering buyers a more complete multimedia experience. At 55 inches, this sizable model ...

July 02 2013

Samsung UN75f8000 Led HDTV Review

The UN75F8000 is the newest and largest model of the new Samsung F8000 series

June 12 2013

Samsung UN55F7000 LED HDTV Review

Samsung UN55F7000 has an impressive array of features yet lacks a camera for video chat and voice recognition functionality.

June 11 2013

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is the perfect match for anyone that does not want the “average” tablet. This multimedia tablet puts the power of entertainment in your hands and the performance to match. The Galaxy Tab 2 has such a wide variety of features that it can be enjoyed by any age group.

Samsung DV150F Camera Review

The Samsung DV150F is an advanced camera and a great solution for home and family needs. Its dual displays take perfect vanity images and make sure there are no missed opportunities for taking the perfect solo or group shot

June 19 2011

Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook

Innovatively designed to go as long as you can, the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 lets you spend the whole day surfing, streaming, and working on the web on just one charge
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