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July 05 2013

VIZIO E291i 29-inch RAZOR LED Smart TV Review

VIZIO has introduced its new entry level E-series, bringing its product line of HDTVs in at an affordable rate for every household and has already received.

July 02 2013

VIZIO E701i 70-inch RAZOR LED Smart TV Review

VIZIO E701i 70 RAZOR LED Smart TV. The VIZIO E701i is at the top of its class when it comes to least expensive HDTVs of comparable size, offering a wide...

VIZIO E551i 55-Inch RAZOR LED Smart TV Review

VIZIO is one of the top HDTV manufacturers in U.S and has now introduced its E-series LED Smart TVs, which have revolutionized the TV industry with built-in ...

June 07 2013

VIZIO M651d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV Review

VIZIO M651d is capable of displaying full HD 1080p resolution on its big 65-inch screen with theatre 3D including a 240Hz refresh rate, Wi-Fi access, local dimming and modern

VIZIO M801d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV Review

VIZIO M801d is a rather large TV that would be perfect for anyone who owns a house with a large living room as well as a family that would enjoy the whole cinema experience and its unmatched picture quality
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